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Strategy and Operations

Today, senior executives grapple with attaining profitable growth, strategically managing costs, and intelligently navigating risk. Such challenges require them to do more than just identify new possibilities and make tough choices; they must also bridge the gap between vision and execution. ZTNet believes that a qualified strategy requires combining insightful thinking with disciplined execution in order to achieve breakthrough performance. Our Strategy & Operations teams bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities, and a pragmatic mindset to our clients�?complex business challenges. Our strategy capabilities span corporate and business unit strategy, M&A strategy, and sales and marketing. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique issues facing manufacturing organizations, service businesses, and infrastructure operations.


With finance taking on a more dominant role in guiding and executing corporate strategy, CFOs are looking for ways to ensure their organizations are better prepared for the evolving business environment.

From strategy to operations and performance management to reporting, we help finance organizations become the valuable partners the business needs to succeed in today’s market.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations

Today’s supply chains require more agility than ever before and must be able to respond quickly to the slightest changes in direction. Demands on supply chains include the following:

  • Be more global
  • Introduce new products
  • Avoid the risk of disruptions
  • Be faster-paced
  • Provide lower costs
  • Demonstrate increased productivity

Our methodology helps target the root cause of each challenge while providing potential solutions.

ZTNet builds lasting competitive advantages at every level of our clients�?operations. Operational areas targeted for improvement include product development, planning, and sourcing to manufacturing, logistics and distribution. We specialize in connecting high-level strategies to measurable results on the front lines.